The verminators

The verminators

They are the main antagonists of Rabbids Go Home. The verminators wear different colored suits, each of them having unique abilities that will allow them to eliminate the rabbids and get their stuff back. All of the verminators have large red, tanks on their backs.

Lumiere's art is the reason (probable). B. Invite the rabbit to jump or shine. Your job is number 3, and you wear a shirt. His attack is dangerous. M. Rick is wearing a blue shirt. He is in fifth place with a fire extinguisher. He was dressed in black vermatopes with six strong and strong legs.

and they all seem to worship vargskelethor joel (who is actually cleopatra)
The verminators

The verminators

The first Verminator was an owner of a pet shop. At the end of the game, they use a large amount of bombs to blast the Rabbids into space, but are soon chased away (or crushed) by the falling objects the Rabbids collected during the game.

Known VerminatorsEdit

  • The first Verminator - The first Verminator encountered by the Rabbids in the level "Wack-A-Wabbid". Unlike most Verminators he does not wear a gas mask or a oxygen tank. He wears a yellow Verminator suit.
  • Jennifer Barns - A meek female Verminator who appears as a boss guarding the Landing Gear XL Stuff at the end of the level "Holdup In The Hanger".
  • Smith - A male Verminator who works with Miss Barns and appears as a boss guarding the Landing Gear XL Stuff at the end of the level "Holdup In The Hanger".
  • Mr. Director - Miss Barns and Smith's superior who appears at the beginning of "Holdup In The Hanger". He sends Miss Barns and Smith to deal with the Rabbids when they invade the airport hanger searching for Stuff. He is also the boss of Sandra. Unlike the other Verminators, he doesn't wear a Verminator suit, though he does possess some command over them.
  • Nurse Betty - She wears a white "Verminette" suit as a wedding dress during her wedding to Barney in the level "Till Rabbids Do Us Cart".
  • Sandra - She wears a Pink "Verminette" suit in the level "14-Carrot Rabbid".



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