All four members of the band

It has been said they don't have names, but there names are Henry (French Horn), Otto (Tuba), Quinten (Drum), and Dave (Clarinet).

In The Games Edit

Collector rabbid

the collector rabbid

The Rabbid Brass Band is a possible a counterpart to The Rabbid Quatrio that first appeared in Rabbids Go Home. They are a group of four Rabbids (like the Quatrio.) playing 4 musical instruments, Tuba, French Horn, Clarinet, and Drum. They are a parody of The Fanfare Vagabontu Brass Band, who provided music for the game. The Collector Rabbid , which is the one with the French Horn collects the items throughout the game, The Tuba Rabbid (also know as The Blower Rabbid), helps by lifting tile floors leading to shortcuts after the Rabbids have collected 5 Red Pipes to build their own makeshift horn, The Clarinet Rabbid and The Drum Rabbid only appear at the end of each level. The Conductor of the band is a Painter Rabbid (also known as The Yellow Rabbid) that appears in each level of the game showing directions and giving instructions during the game and is the conductor of the band. All members appear at the end of each level except for Painter, and in the Junkyard in one of the cutscenes of the game. It has been said that they don't have names but these are there names. Otto (Tuba), Henry (French Horn), Steven (Drum), and Dave (Clarinet).

In Rabbids Invasion Edit

In Rabbids Invasion, the Rabbid Brass Band appears in the season 2 episode Rabbid Brass Band, where they intend to use music in order to remove the clouds blocking the moon.