Stacy is a reccuring character in Rabbids Invasion. She's an African American girl who is usually seen playing tennis with Grace in her athletic clothing in the episode Runway Rabbids, marking her first appearance to be seen in the series.

Appearances Edit

Stacy makes her appearance the second time with her friend Grace at the mall in Get in Line, Rabbids!, whereas she wore a different sports outfit. A purple tank top and exercise pants. Her legs and herself were seen throughout the episode background as the two Rabbids played games around in a store waiting line. At the episode's end, when the security guard got distracted by the Rabbid's antics, Stacy and Grace made their shopping spree getaway as they rush in the store to get new cellphones.

In Rabbid Elevation, Stacy appeared at the mall elevator ground level, wearing her normal tennis outfit again. Where she's standing next to False Psychic who's attending the Costume Party near the rooftop. Which is where Stacy will be playing Tennis on the roof. At first, they're unaware of the four Rabbids who fiddled around in the elevator a few minutes earlier. As the lift rises to the Costume Party level, Stacy and Psychic had their conversation on their daily activities until a Rabbid made armpit farts with his friends. This make them totally shocked as Stacy slightly assumed Psychic farted on purpose. But not for long, when the two realized the Rabbids are making armpit farts at each other. Giving a disgusted look down on them and turned away. By the time the lift reached the Costume Party, Stacy witnessed some glamorous sights until she decided to join the party with False Psychic. Thus, taking a break from Tennis.

In Dueling Rabbids, Stacy was at the Tennis Court with Grace again playing their second Tennis game match. That's when the two Rabbids interrupted their playoffs again when they're having a sword fencing duel. One Rabbid got in the way of Grace's tennis shot, hitting the ball back at his Rabbid friend. Intially, blocking Stacy's view. Feeling in an awkward state by the Rabbid's antics, Stacy exclaimed: "Aah! Not them again! I'm out of here!" and Grace said: "Me too" as they left to somewhere else since the very beginning. Letting the Rabbids have the tennis balls they want to fight each other in a duel.

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