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Season 1, Episode 23
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Special Agent Rabbids is the 23rd episode of season 1 of Rabbids Invasion

Plot Edit

The episode begins with showing a woman tied up in a warehouse with a bomb. Afterwards, we see that outside the warehouse a secret agent who is ready to go in and disable the bomb. While he tries this, the rabbids interfere and keep taking his spy gear and play with it. Soon they face the guard dog and one rabbid is attacked by him while the secret agent and the other rabbid climb up the roof of the warehouse. The agent comes down with the rabbid while the guard dog ends up chasing the second rabbid through the vents of the warehouse. At the end, the bomb is disabled, the agent saves the woman and a rabbid befriends the dog. However the other rabbid acidentally turns on the bomb HE turned off in the first place, causing a explosion. then he is thrown out of the warehouse ending the episode

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Characters Edit

  • Homer (the agent)                                                        

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  • Second episode to only feature 2 Rabbids, first was Runway Rabbids.
  • Main antagonist: Dog
  • It is revealed that Rabbids like to play fetch
  • Homer is a parody of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell franchise (he even wears night-vision goggles identical to Sam Fisher's).
  • Grace plays the role of damsel-in-distress in this episode.
    • However despite her importance to the episode's plot, exactly how and why she end up bound & gagged inside the warehouse next to a time bomb is left unexplained.
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