Safe Deposit Rabbids is the 70th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids end up in a safe that Jimmy Dynamite tries to rob.


The episode begins with the rabbid sleeping at the airport. After playing with some of the luggage and two of them getting trapped in it, the 3rd rabbid wearing underwear over his head decide to go into the city to save his friends. There, near a bank, Jimmy Dynamite is planning to rob the bank by writing down codes he needs to get in. Meanwhile the rabbids end up fascinated by the bank as well. And while Jimmy is trying to get into the safe, the rabbids already do this. They look around and play with all the money and cool stuff they find. They then set off an alarm. Afterwards, Jimmy finally comes in the safe but is shocked to see what the rabbids have done. The rabbids get out of the safe and accidentally lock Jimmy in it. Rendering him completely helpless and ironically, trapped with the money he sought to steal. At the end, the rabbids get out of the bank while the police arrive to apprehend Jimmy. Ending the episode.



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