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Series Name
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date August 10, 2013
Written by Nicolas Gallet
Directed by Akama & Stephane Mit
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Rabbids vs the Vacuum cleaner
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Runway Rabbids is the 6th episode of  the first season of Rabbids Invasion. It aired on August 10, 2013 on Nickelodeon at 11:30 AM alongside, Stop! No More! and Rabbids vs the Vacuum Cleaner.


The Rabbids run amuck in an airport.


The episode begins with two girls playing tennis, the Rabbids are watching them and decide to join them. One takes a frying pan, and the other takes a hose. They join in but the two girls get annoyed and go away. The Rabbid with the hose ends up with the ball getting in his mouth, to which the other Rabbid hits his butt with his fan, causing the ball to fly away. They follow the ball to the airport, then they see a sleeping Brian and the rackets he uses to guide airplanes. While playing tennis, the Rabbids are guiding the airplanes and are making them move silly. After that Cody wakes up and sees it, he calls Brian and asks him what's going on, in which Brian replies that he doesn't know. Brian then takes the rackets back. Brian drives away, but the Rabbids hide in the back where the suitcases are putt. One Rabbid falls out but manages to take a suitcase and ski with it. The other Rabbid decides to throw the suitcases at him, which soon becomes seen as a videogame-like style. Brian arrives and sees Cody. Who looks at the suitcases around the airport and fires Brian. But he says that they have to clean up the mess. The Rabbids run into the garage and see a dog in a suitcase with wheels, they then shove him one another with two other suitcases, with a videogame-style again. Cody enters the garage and sees the Rabbids in the machine that sees what's inside a suitcase. He rehires Brian and tells him to go get cages. Cody captures the Rabbids and sees Brian. Who told him that the security told him to put them in big metal box. They open it and see a lot of tennis balls. One falls out and all of them falls on Cody and Brian.



  • This is first time a female character appears.
  • Two rabbids appear rather than four.
  • This the first time the Rabbids were defeated. But with a twist.
  • Two homages were featured.
  • The main antagonist(s): Brian and Cody.

Pop Culture References

The scene where the two Rabbids are playing with the dog and shoving it at each other with a suitcase makes a homage to the video game Pong

When the Rabbid is taking a ride inside the suitcase, the background music playing is very similar to that of the theme music from Hawaii Five-O