Rabbids with Fleas is the 36th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids are fighting against a flea


Three rabbids are at a farm during the heat, trying to cool themselves. However, one rabbid doesn't have anything to cool himself with, so he asks his friends to help him, but they simply ignore him. Later, he sees a dog scratching himself, as he has a flea on him. The rabbid shows this to his friends. Soon, the flea gets on the rabbid's hand, causing the others to want it as well. But this time it is the rabbid that is ignorant to them. Unfortunately, the flea soon starts to go all around the rabbid's body, giving him dots and forcing him to scratch himself. Frightened, his friends start running away and hide from him. He follows them to a chicken house and finds them. The flea then gets off his body and a rabbid captures it in a can. The rabbids then kick it far away and run as fast as they can, so they can get away from it once it gets out. Fortunately, as the flea is going after them, a black chick comes and eats the flea. Ending the episode.