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Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show is an interactive television program and is the 8th installment in the Rabbids series. The game was released in November 2014 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Xbox 360.  Unlike previous Rabbids games, the game is aimed mainly at children. The game is based on the TV series Rabbids Invasion''.


Players will be able to interact with 20 episodes taken straight from the TV show and watch them, while having interactive mini-games throughout the episode. This could include aiming at the screen with your hands to shoot eggs like in the premiere episode Omelet Party, playing as a Rabbid to try to catch a sticker ( like in Sticky Rabbid) as well as other activities such as dancing with the Rabbids, drawing, and even screaming BWAAAH!. There is also the option to have the Rabbids invade your living room via augmented reality.

Episodes included


Omelet Party

Pecking Rabbid (Race Episode)


Sticky Rabbid

Rabbid Tummy Rumble (Race Episode)

Ring! Bwaaah! (Race Episode)


Rabbid Radar

The Rabbid Who Fell To Earth (Race Episode)

Raving Thirst

Raving Alien (Race Episode)


Escalator Rabbid

R.C. Rabbid (Race Episode)

Rabbids Against the Machine

Rabbid Elevation (Race Episode)


Rabbid, Are You There?

Runway Rabbids

Scout Rabbids (Race Episode)


Music Rabbid (Race Episode)

Rabbid Mollusk

Rabbidochio (Race Episode)

Rabbid Playa

DLC Episodes

Radio Rabbid

Vampire Rabbid

Rabbids Say Cheese

Stop! No More!

Rabbid's Rules Of Order

Zombie Rabbid

Until Rabbids Do You Part

Schnoz Rabbid

Rabbid Dreams

Rabbids with Fleas

Moo Rabbids

O' Come All Ye Rabbids




Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show Announcement Trailer US

Official Announcement Tráiler

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