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The final poster (English)

Rabbids Invasion: Mission To Mars is an astronomy-comedy kids TV special that aired on Okoo on France Télévisions channels September 2021 and on Netflix February 18, 2022.

Development & Coverage

On July 15th, 2019, it was announced in the same article that displayed Season 4 coming to Netflix, that a TV special was in the works, later poster drafts made by Two Dots Studios and Seed Seven[1] were released giving fans a sneak peek of what's to come. Production began on January 2020 using the animation software Blender version 2.83[2]. Storyboards, pre visualization, and editing were handled by Supamonks. The project stayed silent for over 2 years, until a document released onto MIFA which contained the plot of the special.[3] 5 Days later, Blendernation released an article on June 19th, 2021 that listed a release date and showed off a release date. On September The 8th, The writer of the special, Arnaud Bouron replied with a poster of the French version named "Objectif Mars". On Twitter, a tweet was made about the ending being with an alien invasion.


When Nebulous Industries announces they are recruiting Rabbids for a mission to Mars, Lapinibernatus doesn’t think twice. As a genius, misunderstood Rabbid, he has dreams of going to the red planet. After successfully passing the tests, he takes off with three other Rabbids: Disco, the lively queen of the dancefloor, Cosmo, the pilot with self-confidence issues, and Mini, a tiny Rabbid who HATES being mistaken for a kid. But as this unlikely team leaves the Earth for Mars, a more sinister plot reveals itself.



Concept Art


  • Patrick: Nebulous Industries is best known producing high-end tech. Loving your phones. So, why Mars? Why now?
  • Frank Nebula: Well, someone needs to step up and go to Mars.

  • John Trout: I think the boss has been working too hard.
  • Patrick: Today, we have the privilege to be shown around Nebulous HQ by the great Frank Nebula himself, as he prepares to launch for Mars in just two weeks' time. Mr. Nebula, are you okay with answering some questions from our viewers?
  • Frank Nebula: Of course, Patrick. Fire away.
  • Patrick: Leann in Texas asks, "Why use Rabbids? They're really stupid."

  • Frank Nebula: We can't show you in there since it houses the next generation of our top-secret product. But this coming out it isn't a secret. This device is designed to start a process called terraforming. It uses our Nebulous technology to gently heat the Martian surface and oxygenate the atmosphere on a microscopic level, which eventually will allow humans to live on Mars. And once that's happened, we can start work building high-tech eco-cities.
  • Patrick: Thank you, Mr. Nebula. We look forward to-- (Yelps)

  • Frank Nebula: Too dangerous. Summon security and a Rabbid handler.

  • John: Rabbid-handling. (Yelps)
  • Frank Nebula: That's one on the mission. That's one off. Freeze it.
  • John: Freeze it?
  • Frank Nebula: I'm granting you access to the cryogenic chamber. There's a freezer in the innovation room.
  • Olivia: (Gasps)
  • Frank Nebula: I'm sorry, but it's the only way.

  • Robot: Drop that weapon immediately!
  • John: Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's the freeze ray, you paranoid droid! It's the only way to freeze a Rabbid!

  • Announcer: Next selection test beginning in five minutes. All Rabbid handlers, please gather on the tarmac.

  • Voice: Security Drones have been called.

  • Olivia: So, let's see. What are you hiding here?

  • Olivia: Hey. What's this?

  • Olivia: The terraforming device is a bomb!?

  • Frank Nebula: Just in case you've thinking of escaping, allow me to introduce my new obliterator droid. I do believe it's the one weapon capable of destroying a rabbid.

  • Frank Nebula: Mobilize all battle droids to the main hall!

  • Frank Nebula: You and your stupid friends had one job! Go to Mars and explode the mega bomb! SIMPLE!!
  • Frank Nebula: I would have been the nice guy who believed in Rabbids, and you would have been the stupid rodents who blew everything up! NO ONE WOULD HAVE QUESTIONED THAT! You were the perfect SCAPEGOATS!
  • Patrick: Mr. Nebula, you're live on national television.
  • Frank Nebula: Huh?
  • Patrick: You've just made some serious revelations.
  • Frank Nebula: How dare you!
  • Olivia: Excuse me, sir. Let me just capture this moment!
  • Frank Nebula: Ahh!

  • Roger Peacock: Hey, there! That's my long-lost-son! And you can't eat him, you alien fiend--
  • Patrick: (On TV) We're still no news on the whereabouts of disgraced aerospace tycoon, Frank Nebula. His reputation in shatters after--