Rabbidmobile is the 50th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


Barranco and two other rabbids find a car at the desert.


It starts with Barranco 3 forcing his two minions to row with plungers on a skateboard for travelling. But the two soon get very tired, but are not allowed breaks. Soon, a speeding car comes and suddenly stops near a bush, the driver quickly gets out with some toilet paper and goes into the bushes to urinate. Amazed by the car, the two minion rabbids decide to get in it, being sick of Barranco constantly treating them like slaves. They get in the car and lock Barranco out. Angered, Barranco tries to get their attention and orders them to let him in, but they simply ignore him and get rid of him again, laughing at him. While, the rabbids are discovering what the car can do, Barranco once again tries to get in, but fails miserably. Soon, however, the rabbid get the car going, Barranco manages to cling on the car and climb up to the window while the two rabbids speed with the car. Barranco opens the car window, jumps in and kicks his minions for punishment over what they did to him, only to find himself in the same dilemma, as he cannot stop the car either. They get in some traffic and nearly run into other people's cars but manage to dodge it. At the end, they fall and crash back to where the car was found, and decide to continue on skateboard again. Whilst the man finally finishes urinating and comes to see his destroyed car and starts to cry.

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