Rabbid Undies is the 74th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


The rabbids are fighting about who has better underwear


The rabbids find a fascination with underwear after seeing people on the beach wear them. They decide to get underwear for themselves by taking them from someone. One rabbid takes the underwear of an elder woman, another rabbid takes it from a lifeguard, and the last one finds underwear from someone left unknown. Two of them soon start to argue over who has the best underwear, while the one wearing grandma undies tries to impress them, but is laughed at. Soon, the grandma undies-wearing rabbid gets hit by a car, which drives away with him on it. He then gets stuck on another car before it stops on a farm, there, he is put in a box filled with chicks after the farm-owner sells them to a man. He then ends up on a car of two robbers wearing rabbid masks before ultimately being launched on a truck full of plungers. Afterwards, he falls on a car that has beach equipment on it, he then falls off and uses his undies as a parachute to safely land on the ground, where he meets with his two rabbid friends. They, being instantly fascinated by this, try it out as well, but end up falling on the ground.


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