Rabbid Snob is the 66th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


A fancy rabbid teaches a snobbish one how to behave.


The episode begins with a rabbid looking upon a rich man being greeted with great excitement. Finding this interesting, the rabbid decides to become fancy as well. He then sees a rabbid in the trash, picking leftovers. The fancy rabbid decides to teach him how to be fancy, against his own will. He first makes him put on decent clothes, which the rabbid doesn't like. Next, he tries to make him eat politely, even going as far as forbidding him food if he doesn't do it correctly. The trash rabbid still doesn't understand anything of this, so he decides to just go back to his normal lifestyle. Angered and outraged, the fancy rabbid leaves. He finds a Break-dancing rabbid and tries to teach him the same things. However, the break-dancer decides to teach him how to be cool. The fancy rabbid hesitates and keeps trying to make the break-dancer be like him. The break dancer, having enough, pushes the fancy rabbid onto a skateboard and send him rolling down the street. He eventually lands in a dumpster with the trash rabbid, much to his dismay.



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