Rabbid Radar is 12th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


A police officer named Jacques Garrett takes his position on the edge of the road to setup a radar utility and take license plate pictures of speeding cars. By the time the radar takes a picture of a first speeding car, the resulting photo had a Rabbid getting in the way. Displeased with the result, he tries to chase the Rabbids away, but he gets knocked out in the process.

The Rabbids then inspects the radar utility that Garrett setup. They play around with it by adjusting the speed limit and take random photos of themselves. Then they plastered the photos on Jacques Garrett's Police Car. Then the Rabbids see a Garrett's radio with his boss calling him to report.

When Garrett wakes up, he sees the Rabbids attempting to talk to his boss on the radio. He manages to take it back from them and shoo the Rabbids away. Cleaning up the Rabbid's mess, he resumes his job and fixes his radar utility. He manages to get a genuine shot of a speeding car. But the next speeding car was a zooming thing by another Rabbid group.

Then one Rabbid starts to interrupt his job. Attemping to catch him, the two constantly keep adjusting the speed limit on the radar, which takes frequent pictures of speeding vehicles and slow Rabbids. Eventually, Garrett gone nuts and destroyed the radar and walked away crazy.

Later, Garrett has now been reduced to a crosswalk guard, on the same desert highway. To his dismay, he sees four Rabbids wanting to cross, but he does his job anyways. However, when the Rabbids began to go crazy over Garrett's signalers, as they mistaken for lollipops, he eventually had enough of the Rabbids and ran away crying.

Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show Edit

This Episode is in the game NOT a DLC ep.


(NPS4) Means the Minigame is not on the PS4

(PS4) Means the Minigame is only on the PS4

Speed Track : Run

Flash The Files : Catch The Flies (NPS4)

Slang-a-Rab : Move & Throw

Jumping On The Highway : Jump

Maxwell's Move : Jump (PS4)




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