Rabbid Playa is the 16th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion. it aired on Nickelodeon on September 21, 2013 followed by Radio Rabbid and Escalator Rabbid.


The Rabbids fight off the seagulls for a pretzel.


After they saw Thimothy eating a prentzel.The rabbids decide to get one.But a seagull steals the prentzel. The rabbids try to capture him. So he calls his main henchmen along with a entire army of seagulls.The rabbids and seagulls engage in a war for the prentzel .A rabbid actually outsmarts the seagull army by tricking them into stucking there beaks into sun umbrellas.Leaving the three seagulls by themselves.At the end the prentzel lands in Thimothys hands,who,after he sees mad rabbids and seagulls on his left and right side,calls to his dad.




Main antagonist(s): The Three Seagulls


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