Rabbid Mozart is the 60th episode  of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


A rabbid becomes crazy and better than Professor Barranco 3 in everything


Barranco 3 leads the rabbids to the park, where they mess around and play with a toy piano for children that another rabbid brings. This particular rabbid ends up accidentally running into Timothy, who falls on him and flattens him with his fat stomach. The hit affects the rabbid by making him crazy, but also suprisingly intelligent. He comes to the other rabbids and hysterically laughs at his leader, who got into a feud with one of the rabbids refusing to obey him, as well as showing him how to properly play the piano by playing a beautiful song on it. Angered for being better than he is, Barranco decides to move on to playing soccer. He decides to prove he is better than all of the rabbids by blocking their shots, which will make him look agile. He manages to block their shots, but is once again defeated by the Mozart-like rabbid. Not only does the ball get past him, but it bounces off a passing car and hits an old man on the head, knocking him out. Barranco then tries to prove he is more unique again by painting something marvelously with the old man's art supplies, but fails. Mozart Rabbid then paints an amazing painting of a forest. He decides to paint the others, but when he paints them in a more abstract style they get scared. Barranco uses this to his advantage by humiliating him and drawing a circle around him, forbidding him to pass. Once again returning his fame, Barranco leaves the Mozart Rabbid all alone. The Mozart Rabbid decides to make himself normal again by digging a tunnel to a lab and stealing supplies to make a potion, and takes a drop of it. Afterwards, the now normal rabbid, in memory of his old self, stands up to Barranco and makes all the other rabbids do the same, laughing at him finally defeating him. The old man wakes up and starts acting like the Mozart Rabbid, laughing and playing a beautiful song on the toy piano and ending the episode.



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