Series Name
Season 1, Episode 59
Rabbids Invasion John Charles (Rabbid Like Me)
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Rabbid Mozart
Rabbid Like Me is the 59th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


Gina makes John dress as a rabbid and bond with the rabbids.


The episode begins with a van coming near a sho and Gina letting John out of the van dressed as a rabbid. She makes him go closer to the rabbids in order to study them. At first, the rabbid have big suspicions of John, but upon him starting to talk like a rabbid, they instantly believe that he actually is a rabbid. He tries to get the rabbids to various stuff and write down their reactions. However, every time he would do something like this they would start suspecting him. He decides to stop this to avoid suspicion. However, with time he forgets about his assingment and starts to act like a real rabbid. Gina tries to get him back to his senses, but when they accidentally harass Louie, the shop owner, and accuse Gina, she ends up arrested.


  • The main antagonist: Gina Xenson. John Charles starts out as an antagonist, but later bonds with the Rabbids and turns against Gina.


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