This article is about a episode, if your looking for the rabbid robot see here Rabbid 2.0.

Rabbid 2.0 is the 73rd episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


The present rabbids steal a important part of their ancestor's time machine.


The episode begins with the Scientist Rabbid being driven in a shopping cart by another rabbid. Just then, the Ancestor Rabbid comes in his Time Washing Machine and falls on the ground. He comes out to fix it and then tries to go back in time again, but it still doesn't work. The Ancestor then checks his power source and sees that the Scientist Rabbid took it due to it looking like a plunger. With it's electrocuting ability, the Scientist Rabid takes over the Rabbid community as it's new leader. Even going far as to actually torture a dog with it's zapping ability. The Ancestor decides to stop this madness by taking the power source back. He tries to get the rabbids to focus on something else. Such as music, a rubber nose or even spashing water in their faces to get distracted. However, all of this fails, and he ends up getting beaten up all the time. Soon, however, the power source runs out of juice, causing it's zapping ability to fade. The dog previously tortured angrily attacks all the rabbids. However, the Ancestor saves them by powering up the source again and defeating the dog. Overjoyed, the rabbids help the Ancestor back into his Time Washing Machine and wave him goodbye when he leaves.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • When the radio is playing one of the rabbids do the viral dance,Gangam style.


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