Rabbids Rules Of Order is the 63rd episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The rabbids are causing chaos at the beach.


The rabbids decide to have some fun at the beach, however they are stopped by a lifeguard. One rabbid is fairly fascinated by this, and decides to be just like the lifeguard, which annoys him. The rabbids lead the lifeguard away, where the fascinated rabbid takes his beach shorts and whistle. He decides to be the new lifeguard. He sees the rabbids enjoying their day at the beach and, thinking this is against the rules, tries to stop them. But they don't want to listen to his rules. So, he decides to make them stop by force. He chases after each rabbid one by one and traps them in the sand. Satisfied with his work, he decides to continue. At the end, however his rules are changed, as after he hurts a small octopus, it's huge mother comes and makes the rabbid be nicer to the octopus and the rabbids.



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