Plunger Rabbids is the 65th episode of Rabbids Invasion


The rabbids are tryng to get plungers off themselves


The rabbids are walking in the city when they see a truck with a large plunger on it. Fascinated, they decide to take it. However, instead, they make the truck drop all of the plungers it contained. The rabbids end up stuck with the plungers on them. They then see the driver out-stick the plungers out of the ground. Realizing he can help them, the rabbids decide to follow him. They follow him all around, but they don't even get his attention. Soon, they see him get into a public bathroom, realizing he's cornered, the rabbids decide to go in and ask him to help them. However, he only gets freaked out by this and goes away. Thankfully, the rabbids manage to get the plungers off anyway. At the end, however, the same dilemma happens, only this time the giant plunger on the truck falls on the rabbids, trapping them once again.


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