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Mr Lucky(Left side)

Mr. Lucky is a Rabbid who so far only has appeared in Rabbids land as the deuteragonist. He is a Rabbid wearing a joker suit and is the primary mascot of the amusement park. As his face can be seen on various merchandise such as T-shirts, balloons and mugs. He is apparantly also the owner of the amusement park.
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Mr Lucky as he is being launched off the castle on a rocket

He hosts the board game,quiz and the event wheel where he can release a bomb,activate minigames,release himself so he can give the players rabbid trophies and release the Thief Rabbid. After the game is over he activates four platforms that rise up to the height depending on who is the winner (the winners platform reaching out the highest) and will also shoot the biggest loser with his laser gun due to his breakdown. This eventually causes the biggest loser's rabbid to disentigrate.

Trivia Edit

  • During the loading menu, he is seen doing a little dance for the audience so they don't get bored (unintentionally breaking the fourth wall)
  • If you don't chose any of the options at the main menu he himself will become bored, and will try to tell you to hurry up.