This is for the description of the list of Alive and Kicking Games since there is already a list of games in the page of it's game

This page shows all the games of Rabbids Alive and kicking.


Hacked Off -

Udderly nonsense -

Slapping Station -

Crazy sales -

Rabbids in the hole -

Flaming balls of fire - a ping pong

Salmon rush day


Life's a beach

Hot dogs in danger

pumped up - you need to do the poses you see


Snot funny

Tenderfoot dance

Wack a Rabbid

Sauce Wars

Guitar Zero

Big Brother

Now you see me

Inner journey

Wet terror

Ninja YoYo

D. J Sniper

Rabbid skin

Bon Appetit


Horse Jockey

Run Rabbid Run


Scanner Surprise

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