Keypad Rabbids is the 22nd episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion. It aired alongside Special Agent Rabbids and Schnoz Rabbid


Damien Laquet- Rabbids

Plot Edit

After one rabbid gets stuck in an appartment building, he tries to get two of his friends to get him out. At first, the two don't even realise that he is calling them, thinking its a slipper that is calling them. Later, he gets their attention by revealing his arm through the mail chute, but his friends then mess around with him. He then finally gets them to help him. They see the keypad that unlocks the door and conclude they need to press a random set of numbers to open it. They try to reach it by climbing on top of each other but fail, they then use a small ladder, but get in a fight over who is going to press it. Meanwhile, the rabbid inside tries to get out when other people get in, but his foot gets stuck in chewing gum on the floor. Frustrated, the two rabbids decide to charge at the door to open it. This ended the two rabbids outside stuck as well. In the end, they call for help once more, and are forced to suffer the same process with another set of rabbids.





Scientist_John makes a brief apperance in the beginning pulling a suitcase