Jurassic Rabbid is the 20th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids unfreeze a Rabbid ancestor that was frozen in the ice.


The rabbids encountered there ancestor frozen in a block of ice.They managed to unfreeze him,but he is shown to be smarter,shorter and has a deeper voice.After a few tries of showing intelligence,he became sad because of his predcesor's stupidly, to cheer him up. They froze themselves in a freezer, while he created a Time washing machine and traveled through time with it.The two men that found the ancestor came back and saw the frozen rabbids.



Damien Laquet - Rabbids (voice)   


  • This is the first episode in which a Rabbid is smarter than the rest.
  • First time the Rabbids' intelligence is explained.(It is probaly non canon since Rayman appears amost every Rabbids comic book)
  • The Rabbid ancestor's voice is lower than the rest of the Rabbids.
  • The Rabbid ancestor is slightly smaller than the modern Rabbids.
  • The name Jurassic Rabbid would be a reference to a dinosaur film named Jurassic Park.


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