Jacques Garrett is a character and the former main antagonist of the Rabbids Invasion episode: Rabbid Radar

Season 1Edit

He tries to take a picture of a car with a notable speed number, but the rabbids keep distracting him, making him try to get rid of them, however he fails and ends up getting driven crazy by the Rabbids. He reedemed himself after this.

In Scout Rabbids he is sane again and tries to protect Louie's wife from Thimothy Gluant (thinking he attacked her) and even arested him. Even though Timothy did not do anything to Louie's wife, he did treated the rabbids really bad.

In Rabbid Elevation he is still sane and comes to the party through the elevator, not knowing that Pepé Le Punk is standing right next to him but thinks his mask and clothes are a costume.

In Rabbid Like Me he arrests Gina at the end of the episode.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


Full Name: Jacques Garrett

Voice: ¿?

Allies: Rabbids, Professor Barranco 3Louie Clouseau.

Enemies: Pepé Le Punk, Gina Xenson, Thimothy Glaunt, Rabbids (Formerly), Professor Barranco 3 (Formerly).

Other Names: Deputy Garrett.

Weapons: Gun, Tasers.

Quote: You're Under Arrest

Commanders: Police Sergeant

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