Escalator Rabbid is the 18th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion. It aired alongside Rabbid Playa and Radio Rabbid


A rabbid must climb an escalator to reach two other rabbids to get some candy from them.


The episode begins in a mall with one rabbid seeing a boy eat candy, causing him to get hungry. He hears two rabbids laughing at him on a higher floor and reveal that they have candy. He tries to climb an escalator to try to get some candy from two other rabbids. He tries to do this by using a fire extinguisher to launch him up, but only gets hurt, he tries the same only with a chair with wheels but the result is the same. Soon, he starts using various different things to get up, including skateboards, plungers and fans. He soon gets very frustrated, so he grabs two plungers and uses them to get up on the higher floor. However, what he doesn't realise is that the two rabbids use the second escalator to get down to the floor the rabbid was on and get in front of a escalator that actually leads up. The rabbid, not realising this once again tries to get to them. Ending the episode.


Damien Laquet- Rabbids

Characters Edit


Thimothy (the boy-name confirmed).



antagonistes principaux: les Lapins Crétins (les deuxième et troisième lapins)

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