Elevatorus Rabbidinus is the 10th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion. it aired on Nickelodeon Saturday August 24, 2013 alongside Until Rabbids Do You Part and Rabbid Radar.


The Rabbids discover an elevator at the mall.


The episode starts with three rabbids giving Professor Barranco 3 a ride in a shoping cart. Three of them see bananas and let go of the cart, leaving Barranco 3 to crash. One grabs a banana and they play with it. Barranco 3 takes the banana and takes one more. He starts singing his song.The rabbids grew bored and go away. They see how the salesman show Mona how he turns a banana into a juice with a small elevator-like looking machine.The salesman tells them to get away and swings his hat,realising what the want,he throws the hat away, and they follow. The professor grabs the hat. They see Cody getting through an elevator and see Thimothy coming out. Thinking it will turn into juice. Barranco puts the banana in. However, the banana wouldn't stand up so the elevator goes up before he can get out.Once they get out .Barranco chases a guy who takes the banana,without his cap. However a man enters an elevator and picks up the hat. The rabbids think he is Barranco and go after him. He goes in a toilet and quickly escapes them,leaving his hat,the rabbids think he died in the toilet and do him a funeral. They see everyone wearing the same hats until they see Barranco, they all take hats and once again ride the cart.


Damien Laquet- Rabbids( voice)



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