Dream On,Rabbids is the 72nd episode of Rabbids Invasion
TC.Dream On, Rabbid

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The rabbids are tryng to make the perfect scream


The episode begins with two Rabbids having fun by doing their trademark scream. They enjoy it so much they decide to make it last longer and for it to be louder. They then discover the pipelines and see how long the scream lasts. Intrigued, the decision to make a big pipeline that will make the scream extremely loud. They meet a bossy Rabbid who says he wants to help. He tells the Rabbids to connect all the pipelines using toilet paper rolls as a connection device. However, the fun runs out as the Rabbid keeps forcing the two Rabbids to do his work as well, leaving him to do nothing else, slowly angering the two Rabbids. Later, the pipeline is made to go around the entire city. Soon after, it is finished, and the Rabbids are ready to scream to make the loudest and longest scream ever. However, the bossy Rabbid decides to take all the glory and tries to scream for himself, despite not doing anything. The two Rabbids, deciding they've had enough, stuff a toilet paper roll in the bossy Rabbid's mouth and push him away. They then scream and it is indeed heard around the entire city. In the end, all the citizens end up acting like the Rabbids, due to the scream making their brains stop working. the episode ends with all humans saying bwahh!



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