Chickens are reccuring species in the series,Specifically the TV show.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

They first appear in Omelet Party where, not only are they used for races, but also for egg fights. Afterwards they appear in many episodes.

However the first actual major role of a chicken is in Mini Rabbids vs. Giant Chicken as the main antagonist. In it the rabbids try to get to the moon using a chicken, while a new character called Mini-Rabbid tries to get bigger in the Rabbid Mozart's laboratory. However due to a mishap both the rabbid and the chicken grow giant. This causes the chicken to grow very aggressive to the point of trying to eat the rabbids. The large rabbid and the chicken get in fight, in which the chicken prevails. However due to the effect wearing off, the rabbid shrinks back to his original size and falls into a bunch of boxes. The boxes are then accidentally launched onto the chicken's head. which causes it to be dazed and accidentally slip on the car-like invention (that the rabbids tried to get on to the moon with).This causes the chicken to be launched high up in the sky and then falls down and crash on the ground. Afterward it's fate is left unknown.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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