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BWAAAH!! is a common exclamation the Rabbids use. In Rayman Raving Rabbids, They would yell BWAAAH!!! often when they were angry but throughout the franchise they would shout when they are attacking somebody, when they accidentally do something they weren't supposed to, or for no reason. Usually, when a Rabbid screams, their eyes will change to the color red and will split apart, however sometimes they remain blue. It is actually pronounced DAAAAAH!!!!. but Ubisoft has stated on various media that BWAAAH is the correct way of spelling it. Ubisoft has also stated that the official rabbids' Bwaaah is spelled with three A's and one H. BWAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!. In Rabbids Go home the BWAAAH scream has a more useful purpose. It is used to defeat the humans, verminators and the dogs. It is also used to break certain objects. In Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, players could make their rabbids shout BWAAAH by pressing down in the Wii remote control pad. It is used to access the historical paintings that will permit the rabbids to change the course of human historys.

The red eyes

It is considered not only the catchphrase of the rabbid character, but the catchphrase of the franchise as rabbids

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  • The Rabbids seem to posess the ability to change the pitch of their voice. sometimes making the scream a bit higher pitched at times
  • The rabbid scream was pronounced DAAAAAAAH!!!' until Rabbids: Alive and Kicking, there the scream was only pronounced BWAAAAAAAAAAH!!”
  • Rabbid Yoshi screams DAAAAAAHH!! as part of his Scaredy Rabbid ability - by screaming, he forces enemy rabbids away from him, potentially triggering some line-of-sight techniques in Mario + Rabbids.
  • The official description of the bwaaah scream is: A rabbid's rallying cry of anger,surprise or dismay rabbids go phone
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